SCADTA Registered Mail Service, when it started?

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SCADTA Registered Mail Service, when it started?

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please excuse my message in English language which is easier for me to write. While i understand Spanish fairly well, my written Spanish is somehow poor. Maybe its time to improve it.
I collect the provisional Registration stamps of SCADTA on issues 1921 and 1923.
I am interested to know when SCADTA has started its registered letter service and if there are any official announcement on that?

I am talking about thes samps as per the images attached (from my collection).
20 C, Type I violet, Brief nach Spanien.jpg
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Saludos desde Alemania,
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Re: SSCADTA Registered Mail Service, when it started?

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Hello, Rainer,

I don't know much about this topic but I've made some searches that may help.
The Sociedad Colombo-Alemana de Transportes Aéreos (SCADTA) was founded on 1919 (Dec, 5th) and operated from 1920 (Sep, 5th) to 1940 (Jun, 8th) when joined Avianca.
Aircraft list: ... p-15330048
It states that SCADTA started the airmail service on 1922 (?) (p.11) ==> Maybe referred to the formal Government Agreement ... Scadta.pdf
An interesting article about SCADTA in Costa Rica. Some interesting letters inside.
Con el vuelo realizado el 18 de junio de 1819 entre el puerto marítimo y fluvial de Barranquilla y Puerto Colombia, sobre el mar caribe, nació en Colombia y en las Américas el servicio de Correo Aéreo.
Se transportaban 164 cartas, debidamente franqueadas, que llevaban un sello postal con la efigie del Precursor de nuestra independencia, General Antonio Nariño. Se estampó una inscripción que rezaba: 1er. Servicio Postal Aéreo, 6-18-19 .
En 1920 Scadta emitió la primera serie de timbres postales ara el servicio de Correo Aéreo.
En 1922 el Congreso de la República aprobó el contrato suscrito con el Gobierno Nacional para la prestación del servicio de Correo Aéreo.
I'd presume that the registered letters started to fly when the Airmail Service begun. Why should it be excluded from the airmail service?

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Re: SCADTA Registered Mail Service, when it started?

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Thanks for the reply,

It the topic would be so easy i would not have asked.

Interestingly, the first issues of SCADTA stamps did not had registrations stamps, hence the provisional's on the issue 1921. Only issue 1923 and the later issues, including Consular Overprints, had registrations stamps.
The earliest known registered SCADTA cover i am aware of is dated 14 June 1922 (with registration stamp) and the earliest one with a normal SCADTA stamps of issue 1921 is dated 29 July 1922.
I am also aware that in a collection in Colombia (collection Santiago Cruz if i am not wrong) is a R-Overprinted stamp (without date) of the first SCADTA issue.

The contemporary literature does not give any details on when registered Service started, hence my question. I have a fairly large collection of the provisional registration stamps of SCADTA but still lack information.


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