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This is it!

Publicado: Mié 6-Abr-2005 14:32
por ulisses1855-64
Hi there,

nice to have a new platform for those who are not so familiar with the spanish language. As soon as some postings come up, i'll make a link in www.arge-spanien.de .

And there's the posibility to upload images!


So let's enjoy it!

So long, -ULISSES-

Publicado: Jue 7-Abr-2005 22:47
por rikitiki
When Paco Martinez Soria said...


This it´s for german friend Ulisses

Publicado: Dom 22-Ene-2006 00:17
por leon_sellos
Well...hello philatelic friend.I have read your messiger more them one time and on the end,I steel don´t understand very clear...if you licke Us to connect in concret with this telephone line or You do like to see Us ,as new friends to exchange stamps.'?
Well ....lets Me first present My self.My name Martin,I´m 56 years old and since 40 years do collect(try to)cancellated stapms from some Countrys of Europa,one of them is Germany and England.
Fine....My question(straight a had)is this.¿Do You like to schange used stamps from Germany or other Countrys,with Me?
I do have the calogue of Michel(2001) and S.Gibbons(2001).
This is My opportunity,to continue My collection of used stamps from 1950 to 2006.Good-bey till Your answer. Leon_sellos :lol: :idea:

Publicado: Mar 14-Mar-2006 16:07
por jeroca
It is always intereresting to have a seccion in foreing lenguaje to excange even spainsh stamps

Hello .... all friends.

Publicado: Mié 15-Mar-2006 23:30
por leon_sellos
Well....permit Me to express My personal opinion.This shall be a place for exchange (excange by Mr.Jeroca)stamps-philately information-friendship-fashionable argue and points of views(perspective).
We all can make use of this,live together and argument.We do have the right to express opinions,calmly and not by force.This place is good for all us,to know new friends,macke stampas exchange and much more other things. Regards to all and please,don´t anybody think,I´m teaching or do the new moral.Yes examine My conscience.Regards to all friends.
I´m leon_sellos :lol: