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Looking for friends

Publicado: Sab 21-May-2005 16:32
por leon_sellos
Is there eanybody,who likes to exchange canceleited stamps from the U.K. with Me?
I´m collecting this Country,up from 1950 to today.
If You like to contact Me and make some nice exchanges.I´m using the S.Gibbons catalogue for My controll.
Please do send Me an Answer.I have got many dobles from the U.K. and from many other Countrys of the world.
My special thema collecting are,the CEPT canceleited stamps(Europa).
Regards from the andalucien South.


Publicado: Sab 21-May-2005 21:47
por Blueberry
Surely you english not is very fine. When you write "canceleited" stamps do you mean "postal cancellations" or "used stamps"?


Blueberry from Fort Navajo

English teacher?

Publicado: Dom 22-May-2005 12:50
por leon_sellos
Thans very much Mr.Blueberry.
It´s allways nice to have a review.
I suppous You are an expert in the englishl language.I hoppe to recive
something fro Your expansed range of meanigs,with and extensive answer,with My gratitude.
Please,yes remind,I´m not an EXPERT as You ar.Only traying to get in tuch,with nice and gently people.Perhaps,some which are intereste in doing some exchange of dobles from the U.K.
¿Do You think,this is the correct way,to exposure?.
Have My best regards.......Dear friend .......Blueberry


Publicado: Dom 22-May-2005 19:18
por Blueberry
Dear friend.

I only was joking with you. Sorry I don' collect uk stamp. I'm only a poor collector in Spanish Colonies.

Regards for you, my friend, and don't be harash with my joke.


Publicado: Mar 24-May-2005 00:00
por leon_sellos
Dear FRIEND,Mr.Blueberry:I never had in mine to be HARASS,to You or to
nobody.Personaly,I think I´m a gentle peaceful person.To be honest,I
was a bit gaping,with Your answer,to My offer of exchange.
I say to My self. ....this fellow...must be sanctimonious.I´m very sorry,Dear friend,but this´s the first thing,it have came to My head.
I suppose,here´s room for anyone,with all My respect to all the friends of the FORUM.Best regards from Andalucia.

Your sicerely friend...............leon_sellos

Publicado: Mar 14-Mar-2006 16:00
por jeroca
cancelled :cool: