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4 c 1856 # Postal Forgery

Publicado: Sab 4-Jun-2005 02:08
por ulisses1855-64
Hi there,

I almost forgot about the english section of FilaPosta.... but I'm happy it didn't die!

So let me introduce you to a very nice example of a forged stamp with a perfecly forged watermark!!


So long, -ULISSES- (Ulrich Reinartz)

Publicado: Mar 14-Mar-2006 16:01
por jeroca
but the paper in wich the stamp has been printed is not first class

Publicado: Mar 14-Mar-2006 16:29
por ulisses1855-64
Hi jeroca,

yes of course, the paper is very thick. It is so thick that the vendor asked me to pay 10 EUR for the sample, just because of the paper! :lol:


Publicado: Mié 15-Mar-2006 11:23
por jeroca
solo para aclara no es vendor es salesman o seller