exchange of stamps

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Black Penny

exchange of stamps

#1 Mensaje por Black Penny » Mar 10-Ene-2006 20:34

Happy New Year for all. My name is Nicolas, alive in Argentina La Plata Province of Buenos Aires. I am seal collector for 22 years, frezco seals of Argentina by list of lack. I request in return England and Britanicas dependencies by list of lack. Serious and lasting exchange.

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We need the shining Hat

#2 Mensaje por leon_sellos » Sab 21-Ene-2006 23:43

Hello Dear friend Nico.I have read Your greetings for the New Year and I think it´s very nice of You.For wishing the very best for all of us.
Everyone who know Me through the FORO,ist inform over our exchange desires.Many days in succession We have read and answering the messingers of so many fhilateliens friends.For several Days We had wait,for yes one answer.We had look,up the river and below.But.....
no mail came from the friends.
Oh,Dear friend..... ¿Are You satisfied with the strenth of Your will...?
¿Don´t You miss a bit of appreciable, worthy heat?
Yes,I like to have a Shining Hat,so My friends from Foro,will remember You and Me.Yes to write a letter and say hello.Come out with flying stamps on this letter for You.I´m sure of the powers of this hat.With a puff of foul-smoke,will bring this message to Us. Good-bey Dear friend.
Your sinsincere friend. leon_sellos :roll:

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#3 Mensaje por jeroca » Mar 14-Mar-2006 16:04

as I showed before in other place I have got few but no classified once I been throught I wil be offering to you
hola mañ@s del mundo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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