Edifil 661 or 671 in blue / azul

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Edifil 661 or 671 in blue / azul

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I recently - together with my little son - started collecting Spanish stamps. A week ago I stumbled upon a azul / blue version of the this stamp with Nicolas Salmeron Alonso (50 Cts). Is this colordeviation known? Not according to my Michel 1983 Europa West catalogue.....

Any information would be most helpful!
Thanks in advance

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As you can see in the table, ther was three diferent colors for this stamp, blue, orange an green. Blue an orange ones were in 50 cents value, an the green stamps was in 15 cents.

(You could see all this at your Michel catalogue)

In addition to this, there were a lot of variations of this stamps because of the diferents overprints for the 1936 insurrection.

Those variations are registered in the Especializado Edifil catalogue.

I hope this to be useful.
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