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Publicado: Dom 16-Sep-2007 01:11
por shadow

Hi everyone, i need help with my new hobby, i start to collect stamps and i don't know where i can get everything to start my collection, i live in chicago and a need some locations where i can buy everything to start, my e-mail is angel_27052003@yahoo.es :lol:

Publicado: Dom 16-Sep-2007 02:37
por Selene
:D Hi shadow!
Wellcome to Filaposta!
I found this site, may it help:
http://chicago.citysearch.com/yellowpag ... page1.html
there are some places you can go and buy stamps, but you can buy
through ebay, USPS online or nearest post office too.
Good luck in this beautiful adventure and fascinating hobbie. :wink: