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Search for animals and flora on stamps

Publicado: Dom 5-May-2013 19:20
por Mrs. Stamp
¡Buenas tardes!

I'm searching for somebody who likes to sweap stamps with me.
I'm from Germany and have created a web page for my sweaping material (pictures included): http://stampsaroundtheworld.forumieren. ... chmaterial
If you've got stamps with flora or fauna you would like to sweap, please feel free to contact me. :D

Thanks and have a nice day!

Mrs. Stamp

Publicado: Lun 6-May-2013 20:15
por ppt
Hello, I am interested in several his stamps, look in my link for if he is interested in something. A greeting Jose.
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o981zyav8apm ... le%20Album

Publicado: Dom 19-May-2013 19:52
por Mrs. Stamp
Hello Jose,
thank you very much for your answer! :D

Please send me a listing of the numbers of the Scans and Stamps you're interested in.

I will watch your drop box and see what I can need for my collection. :wink:


Have a nice day!
Mrs. Stamp

Re: Search for animals and flora on stamps

Publicado: Mar 18-Feb-2014 18:32
por Mrs. Stamp
now I've organised the different scans in seperate threads for each country.
Here's the new link to my homepage: http://stampsaroundtheworld.forumieren. ... chaktionen

I'm looking forward for a sweap with you! :D

PS: If you are looking for German stamps, please let me know. Slupa